Safety Report

Annual Departmental Patient Safety Report 1) 2)

Number of beds in the hospital: Number intensive care beds for ventilating patients: Number of theatres where anaesthesia services provided: Do you have a chronic pain clinic ? Number of procedures per year: % of patients with general anaesthesia: Number of residents in training: Number of anaesthetic nurses: Number of fully trained medical anaesthesia providers:

Principal requirements of Helsinki declaration Which of the following protocols are available in your hospital?

  • % of procedures for which WHO Safe Surgery Saves Lives Checklist is carried out:
  • Does your institution produce an annual report on patient morbidity and mortality?
  • Does your institution comply with anaesthesiology recognised sedation standards for safe practice?
  • Does your institution contribute to the recognised national or other major audits of safe practice and critical incident reporting systems?
  • Does your institution provide the resources to contribute to these audits?

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